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  1. Big data Challenges to identify defects in nanocrystals During Synchrotron light source Experiments
  2. Cross Validation of Materials Properties Databases
  3. Deep-learning for Intercalation: Learning from 3D and predicting 2D properties
  4. Develop local environment descriptors for inorganic phosphors
  5. Forward model, process selection and feature importance for inorganic materials synthesis based on literature data
  6. Machine Learning for Data Acquisition from Atomically Resolved Transmission Electron Microscopy Images
  7. Machine learning prediction and visualization of phase diagrams based on over 40,000 published binary and ternary phase diagram reports
  8. Optimization of polymer architectures for efficient Li-ion transport in solid polymer electrolytes
  9. Rapid screen of potential Redox mediators for lithium-oxygen battery
  10. Using machine learning to find small changes in large amounts of data
  11. Toward establishing a database for the excited states properties of solids
  12. Building a Dopability Prediction Engine to Accelerate Materials Discovery
  13. Prediction of Non-centrosymmetric Organic Crystals
  14. A correlative analysis of microstructure, orientation, and mechanical behavior in multi-principal element alloys
  15. Classification of Degradation Profiles for Energy Materials
  16. Machine-learning screening dopants in polaronic metal oxides with ideal optical and carrier transport properties
  17. Data Driven Chemical Models of Asphalt
  18. Classification of Electrochemical Intercalation Kinetics Using Cyclic Voltammetry Data
  19. Understanding interfaces between bulk materials by navigating their configuration space
  20. Searching For and Classifying Noncentrosymmetric Racemic Compounds
  21. Learning the latent space of zeolites to understand synthesis-structure and structure-adsorption relations
  22. Towards automated XRD refinement by mapping the Structure-XRD space of prototype crystal structures
  23. Finding correlations between unusual bonding or coordination environments and superior inorganic materials properties