1. “Ensemble of state-of-the-art property prediction machine learning algorithms: Does each algorithm teach us something new?” Sterling Baird, Ramsey Issa, Hasan Sayeed, and Taylor Sparks (University of Utah)
  2. “Discovery and designing of high entropy alloys for clean energy via AI” Mahbub Islam, Golam Newaz, and Alauddin Ahmed (Wayne State University, University of Michigan Ann Arbor)
  3. “Development of a tolerance factor for Remeika phases” Alexis Dominguez Montero and Anton Oliynyk (Baylor University and Manhattan College)
  4. “SISSO Expressions for Estimates of Key Material Properties Using Machine-Learned Interatomic Potentials” Max Gallant, Matthew McDermott, and Hui Zheng (University of California Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  5. “Machine-Learned Bonding Descriptors from the Intermetallic Reactivity Database” Jonathan Van Buskirk, Gordon Peterson, and Daniel Fredrickson (University Wisconsin Madison, Argonne National Laboratory)
  6. “When is a hypothetical material truly unsynthesizable?” Andrew Lee, Albert Vong, and Kyle Miller (Northwestern University)
  7. “Disordered thermoelectric alloys – structural analysis” Kamil Ciesielski, Rachel Orenstein, Ferdaushi Bipasha, and Andrew Novick (Colorado School of Mines, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)
  8. “Database development for inter- and intra-polyhedral connectivity in early transition metal oxides for energy storage” Danielle Alverson, Bonnie Stolt, Vincenzo Musico, Eric Fonseca, Kausturi Parui, and Talianna Ulloa (University of Florida, North Carolina State University, Michigan State University)
  9. Machine Learning Prediction of Li-Ion Conductivity in Solid-State Electrolytes” Daniel McHaffie, Zac Iton, Jadon Bienz, and Charles  Musgrave (California Institute of Technology)
  10. Performing a DFT bypass with machine learning for the prediction of exciton binding energy in perovskite solar cells” Cindy Wong, Aaron Peng, Migon Choi, and Prajakta Prabhune (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Chicago, Duke University)
  11. “Algorithm development for pursuit of targeted electronic interfacial properties with ultra-wideband gap semiconductors” Chinedu Ekuma, Gil Repa, Zachary Knepp, Lisa Fredin, Michael Vanyo, Alexandra Howzen, and Siddha Pimputkar (Lehigh University)
  12. “Materials informatics for high-entropy catalytic nanoparticles” Lulu Kang, Wei Chen, and Reza Shahbazian-Yassar (Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago)
  13. Regularized MLP networks for tabular chemical datasets” Adriana Ladera, Nofit Segal, Heejung Chung, and Tuong Phung (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  14. “Predicting materials properties from XAS data” Matthew Hart, Alexnder Tropsha, James Wellnitz, and Conner Slamowitz (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)
  15. Data-driven and multi-scale design of photonic crystals” Li Ge,Ruijie Zhu, and Yong-Jie Hu (CUNY, Northwestern University, Drexel University)
  16. “m3-learning” Xinqiao Zhang, Yichen Guo, Shuyu Qin, and Julian Goddy (Lehigh University, Drexel University)